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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013



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Editorial review


Francisco Martínez Senior editor

There are very few professional video editing tools that can seriously compete with MAGIX's Movie Edit Pro 2013. This comprehensive application brings to the home movie domain all the features that professionals use when building their movie projects. With full support for the newest High-Definition video formats (AVCHD y HDV), a clear and intuitive timeline-based interface, and a plethora of video effects, this utility offers anything anyone needs to produce high-quality, full-featured videos.

Its configurable interface allows you to adapt it to your specific needs, showing only those tools and panels you really need to move your home videos into - among other output options - pro-looking DVDs.
If you are already familiar with timelines for video and audio editing, I strongly recommend you to try this one, as few others are so intuitive and clear. It seamlessly works with up to 32 simultaneous tracks, where you can load any standard video and audio file, and mix, move, and preview them just by using your mouse.

The list of available video and sound effects, rotations, movements, credits, captions, fonts, etc., is far too exhaustive to list here. Suffice it to say that unless you are a very prolific video maker, you will always find there is a new one you have not used yet. Among the video effects, you will find useful video correction tools - they will help you to get rid of all those color, white balance, and image stability mistakes we all make all the time with our cameras.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. You can choose between automatic and manual processing, between your creativity and the program's. Both audio and video tracks can be automatically handled by the program when needed, to the point of being able to create a full soundtrack for your movies following some basic indications about the mood or the emotion you want the video to transmit.

Once you are happy with your movie, you are also provided with an excellent choice of export options. You can send it to the MAGIX Online Album, or save it as a video file either on your computer or on your favorite multimedia device. You can also tell the program to create a media player and embed it in an HTML page, so that you can upload your video to your Web page in seconds. Finally, you can send it to your Facebook account, or share it with the world via Vimeo or YouTube without leaving the program.


  • Support for High-Definition video formats.
  • Amateur and professional interfaces.
  • Timeline-based interface.
  • Extensive list of video effects and color correction tools.
  • Attractive and well-structured interface.


  • None.

What's new in version 12.0

Enhanced hybrid video engine
· New DirectX11 features for more effective GPU usage
· Process effects, auto-exposure, auto-color, RGB slider on the GPU
· Numerous effects optimized for calculation on the CPU, i.e. when rendering or when multiple effects are used.
· New option for manually selecting GPU modules (DirectX 9 or DirectX11) with intelligent preselection
· Smoother shifting in shutter mode
· Improved performance when switching back to the main memory while rendering using the GPU

Title editing improvements
· New mode which adjusts title text according to the size of the layout area
· Quick entry box in the title settings screen
· Handles in the video monitor displayed in a user-friendly way for small and large titles
· Improved editing and positioning options
· Favorites displayed in the font selection
· Scroll through the font selection quickly and easily using the mouse wheel
· Adjust text size using the slider
· Redesigned templates
· Buttons which allow you to quickly jump between title editing options
· Title settings can be applied to several title objects
· Combine video/audio objects for a simplified way of displaying objects and saving tracks
· Tab system for all open movies in a project
· Menus extended for improved movie management in the file menu and in tabs
· Quick access feature for previewing, trimming and importing in the Mediapool
· Preview quality button in the video monitor
· HD footage previews are played in "half resolution" by default for improved preview performance

Enhanced preview rendering features
· Faster rendering process
· Improved recognition of changes made to previously rendered sections*
· Support for Stereo3D projects*
· Support for multicam projects*
· Better playback performance on old systems, and made easier to use by switching to the MXV format (you don't have to configure settings manually)
· Faster video file import when using the file menu or drag and drop/quick access features
· Switch between files quicker while previews are playing, for a better workflow when watching footage

Various improvements for H.264 videos-based formats with variable frame rates e.g. smartphone videos
· Improved performance
· Audio extract no longer necessary (faster import and less space required)
· Frame errors avoided as much as possible resulting in more accurate playback/exporting when using standard frame rates
· Synchronization feature for audio objects
· The auto-trimming feature helps when importing damaged source files that have black/broken starts/ends

Enhanced H.264 export with hardware acceleration
· Support for systems with Intel® Quick Sync Video
· Suitable encoder modules automatically selected for hardware-accelerated export (NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD®/OpenCL™ or Intel® Quick Sync Video))
· Support for hardware-accelerated export in more encoder profiles, e.g. device presets
· Exports without additional configuration setups can also be processed using hardware acceleration
· New version of Mainconcept encoder components with various improvements
· Interlace handing when exporting Quicktime videos and timeline objects

Improved import options
· Olympus OM-D
· Various PCM-based import formats with H.264 video
· Advanced support for various color schemes in H.264 footage
· The anti-spill feature and color range slider make cropping easier when chroma keying

Compatible with Xara Designer products
· Create static and animated effect masks
· Design vector graphics (drawings, logos etc.) and overlay animations
· Draw directly on the video image in the timeline in Movie Edit Pro
· Use travel route animations as a way of transitioning between photos with geotags*
· Certification for "AVCHD Progressive"
· New movie templates*
· New intros/outros
· New premium add-on programs**

**Only available in the Premium/Plus versions
**Only available in the Premium version

Publisher's description

You don't need to be a pro to transform your footage into incredible films: Storyboard mode in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 displays only the most essential tools needed to edit videos, or switch back to a more advanced view at any time you like.

Automatic wizards for video editing, audio dubbing and image optimization make the video editing process easier and more fun than ever before. Anyone can create amazing videos with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013!
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